New Domain Name

We got an email from our beloved recording engineer, Kristina Stykos, letting us know that she heard folks were trying to buy our album from our old website, and the link is extinct! Our external CD sales affiliate made some changes with their physical warehouse, rending that method useless, and we were just asleep at the wheel. Additionally, we made the decision to depart from social media. It was something we had been mulling over for many months, but when the real moment came to disable those accounts, we hadn't given anyone any kind of indication we would be disappearing from those platforms. Hence, the impetus for us to get our own domain name up and running where folks can find us, see what we're up to, learn of upcoming events and places we'll be playing, and hopefully purchase CDs, and eventually maybe some kind of merch for those high level Jennings & McComber extremists. 

While we haven't been able to play out live much since last fall, we are playing in our little village, in our little house, and are looking forward to seeing you all out and about in these beauteous Green Mountains, now that the snows have fled away. Sending you all much love, and sincere apologies for the tech vacuum and a promise to do better.