Vermont's bountiful folk scene is a blessing. But even in this crowded field, Will You Leave the Light On? is a high-water mark — polished to perfection, adventurous and ambitious. You can't escape the impression that Jennings & McComber have cracked some secret code. It takes a lifetime of work to make an album sound this good.” - Justin Boland

Seven Days

Jennings & McComber

Green Mountain Original Music

Jennings & McComber bring together soaring melodies, tight vocal harmonies, and a vast palette of tonal possibility to create music that brings joy and inspiration. For this duo, musicians are outnumbered by instruments 4:1, and those instruments range from upright bass to ukulele, so the soundscape is limitless. Jenning and McComber make use of that versatility to tell stories and paint pictures that reflect on living in these times, yet their music has the timeless quality of the most lasting art.

Press photos

photo by Gurion Lake

photo by Gurion Lake

photo by Gurion Lake